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          business scope

          Adhere to the strategy of large market, set all efforts to create a "five in one" business model of survey and design, scientific research consultation, supervision and testing, general contracting of projects and investment and operation, realize the technical service of the whole life cycle of the project, and transform into a first-class technical engineering company with technology innovation, resource integration, business integration and quality and benefit.

          Our company has strong survey technology force, and the application of new technology and new equipment is developing rapidly. UAV aviation, digital photogrammetry, remote sensing image and other new technologies have been widely used, which provides a strong guarantee for our company's engineering survey and design under various complex terrain conditions.

          Our company has undertaken the basin planning of dozens of major rivers in Gansu Province, such as Heihe River, Shiyang River, Shule River, Weihe River, Taohe River, Daxia River, etc., and completed the water diversion project from Datong to Qinhuangdao, Jingdian phase I and phase II irrigation works, Jingdian phase II Water Diversion Project to Minqin, Shule River project, Changma reservoir, Shuangta reservoir, Jiudianxia Water Control Project, Jiudianxia hydropower station on Taohe River and west water flow of Heihe River Planning and design of large and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower projects, such as power station, Chaijiaxia hydropower station on the Yellow River, water supply from Taohe River, water supply from No.404 power plant, caotanzhuang water diversion project on Heihe River, koulai river water diversion project, dadunmen water diversion project, etc

          After more than 60 years of technical practice and accumulation, our company has formed the engineering survey and design advantage technology represented by high lift and large flow lifting irrigation, large-scale inter basin water transfer, comprehensive development of large-scale irrigation area and immigration, comprehensive basin management, high-rise concrete face rockfill dam, cascade hydropower station, new energy and so on. The Institute has successively won 172 awards for various technical achievements.

          Our company can undertake the design of water and soil conservation, environmental impact assessment, land acquisition and resettlement and social stability analysis and impact assessment of production and construction projects, including preparation of environmental protection and water conservation scheme report, design and construction drawing design of environmental protection and soil and water conservation engineering, stability assessment of waste disposal site, preparation of acceptance report of water and soil conservation facilities, planning outline of resettlement planning and resettlement planning Report preparation, comprehensive design agency of land acquisition and resettlement, supervision and evaluation of land acquisition and resettlement, and "post support" of land acquisition and resettlement.

          Our company can undertake the whole stage design of various ecological construction projects, such as comprehensive control of soil and water loss, water conservation and ecological restoration, including water and soil conservation planning, comprehensive management of small watersheds, warping dam design, comprehensive water environment management, etc., and simultaneously carry out research on measures system of relevant special projects, mainly including agricultural soil benefit, agricultural non-point source pollution and standardized terrace construction Design, ecological clean small watershed construction, watershed water ecology, water environment, water landscape comprehensive management and other businesses.

          The business scope mainly includes: surface water plant, underground water plant, domestic sewage treatment, sewage pipe network, solid waste treatment, civil buildings, industrial buildings, structure design, outdoor engineering design, underground engineering design within the scope of civil buildings, planning and design of residential quarters, factory areas and factory living areas.

          Relying on the unique geographical advantages and resource endowment advantages, our company strives to improve the technical level, adhere to technological innovation and progress, actively adapt to the transformation of modern energy, and form the planning technology of large-scale high-altitude and mountainous wind power base represented by Tongwei wind power base and Tianzhu songshantan base

          The company gives full play to the advantages of technical consultation, and actively carries out water conservancy and hydropower projects, water and soil conservation projects, power transmission and transformation projects, comprehensive flood control management, safe drinking water, water resources demonstration, stage acceptance, special acceptance and technical review of water conservancy and hydropower projects.

          Our company has been engaged in the supervision of water conservancy and hydropower projects since 1994, and obtained the qualification certificate of Water Conservancy Project Construction Supervision issued by the Ministry of water resources in 1995. Now it has the qualification of water conservancy project construction supervision class A, water and soil conservation engineering construction supervision class A, environmental protection supervision, municipal public engineering supervision class B and electric power engineering supervision grade B.

          Our company has the qualification of geotechnical grade A, concrete grade A and metrological certification, advanced test equipment, complete personnel qualification, and the ability to undertake all kinds of geotechnical in-situ test and indoor detection.

          Our company has class a water conservancy industry, power industry (including pumped storage, tide)) professional grade A, electric power industry (wind power, new energy power generation) professional class B, construction industry (Construction Engineering) class B, municipal industry (water supply engineering) class C design qualification, can undertake the construction project general contracting business, project management and related Technical and management services.

          Relying on technical advantages, the company actively carries out investment and operation business, and participates in the construction of Gulang Yonghe 100000 kW wind farm. The project is located in Xinbao Township, Southeast of Gulang County, with an altitude of 2600-3050m, which is a high-altitude mountain wind farm. 46 wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 2.2 MW are installed in the project. The designed annual on grid power is 227.3 million kWh and the equivalent utilization hours are 2246 hours.

          The company actively promotes the development of intelligent water conservancy business with water conservancy informatization construction as the core. Relying on the Internet of things, big data, mobile Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new generation of information technology, the company comprehensively improves the informatization, digitization and intellectualization of water conservancy project design, and achieves remarkable social and economic benefits. In the water supply project from Taohe River, the operation and management information system integrating information collection, transmission, processing, storage, management, service, application, decision support and remote monitoring is realized, which realizes the real-time monitoring, real-time scheduling and real-time management of water resources, which is at the leading level in domestic water diversion projects.

          technical advantages

          ABOUT GECGC

          Gansu Water Conservancy and Hydropower Survey Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Lanzhou Survey and Design Research Institute of the Ministry of Water Resources) was founded in June 1958.
          implemented the corporate management of public institutions in 1985, and restructured into a state-owned enterprise in September 2008. November 2017 It was restructured into a wholly state-owned limited liability company. In 2018, it became a subsidiary of Gansu Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. and followed the group to achieve overall listing. The company's existing company office, strategic development department, human resources department (party committee organization department), financial assets department, production and operation management department, chief engineer office, party and mass work department, discipline inspection and supervision work department, labor union, engineering digital center, comprehensive services Management center and other 11 management functional departments, planning institute, engineering design institute, engineering design institute 2, environmental municipal design institute, mechanical and electrical design institute, engineering survey institute, engineering surveying and mapping institute, exploration company, engineering consulting center, testing center, engineering 11 production departments including the construction management company, a wholly-owned subsidiary-Ganlan Design Institute, and a joint stock company-Gulang Yonghe New Energy Investment Company. One branch was set up in Tibet, one office was set up in Xinjiang, and one branch was set up in Chongqing.

          Tel:0931-8913925 E-mail:gssdybgs@163.com


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